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For some time I’ve presented a list of technical skills on the front page of my CV/résumé.  I’ve had some varied experience which I believe is valuable to present to prospective employers as a way of reflecting versatility and exposure to different paradigms, but listing everything tends to solicit undesired offers when my résumé makes it into the wild.  For instance, I’m not really interested in ever working in C/C++ or Java ever again, but I don’t want to remove it from my résumé either.  Another issue I’ve had is determining how to highlight which skills best reflect who I am today out of everything I have listed.  What I’ve typically done is break things down into categories of languages, platforms, application types, DI containers, ORM frameworks, etc. with the most recent experience at the front of the list.  While this provides a way of showing what I’ve done most recently, it didn’t provide a way to express how well I felt I knew a particular technology.

After thinking about this recently, I decided to try out something new for awhile.  Rather than just showing a list of categorized skills, why not express them as a tag cloud?  This allows  more emphasis to be placed on those technologies someone feels best represents who they are today while also including things they’ve done in the past or things they may only have moderate exposure to.


Here’s what the first page of my résumé looks like now:






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  • Salman

    Great idea, employers/agencies don’t even have to read your cv’s 2nd page they can see it visually what you are and what technology you feel home at or you prefer


  • Colin

    From my perspective as a developer I love it. I’m not sure it will deter hungry recruiters from calling you for a Perl gig. It seems that what you want to accomplish is to let them know that you are a well rounded developer by showing them you have experience in a lot of different realms. Also, you want to communicate what you are now looking for. 

    If you show your work/project history and include the technologies and practices as is common for most resumes you’ll accomplish your first goal. 

    Then if you have a section at the top which states the type of development you are currently looking for, at least it will be clear to those who are really looking to find a good match. Again, you will still get calls and emails from careless recruiters. 

    There are a few really good recruiters though. These are my two favorites: Amy Bouegh Walters and Alex Naddell.

  • Hey, I was just doing this today as well. Not sure how recruiters will see it, but other devs I  talked to thought it was a good idea. How did you generate it?

    • derekgreer

      I created the cloud myself. I tried a few online generators, but none of the results were quite what I was looking for.

  • Schalk

    Great idea, but cloud tags lacks still something. My feeling is it needs more dimensions, e.g. I quickly want to see the programming, database or SDLC skills only.