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Skills Cloud Résumé


For some time I’ve presented a list of technical skills on the front page of my CV/résumé.  I’ve had some varied experience which I believe is valuable to present to prospective employers as a way of reflecting versatility and exposure to different paradigms, but listing everything tends to solicit undesired offers when my résumé makes it into the wild.  For instance, I’m not really interested in ever working in C/C++ or Java ever again, but I don’t want to remove it from my résumé either.  Another issue I’ve had is determining how to highlight which skills best reflect who I am today out of everything I have listed.  What I’ve typically done is break things down into categories of languages, platforms, application types, DI containers, ORM frameworks, etc. with the most recent experience at the front of the list.  While this provides a way of showing what I’ve done most recently, it didn’t provide a way to express how well I felt I knew a particular technology.

After thinking about this recently, I decided to try out something new for awhile.  Rather than just showing a list of categorized skills, why not express them as a tag cloud?  This allows  more emphasis to be placed on those technologies someone feels best represents who they are today while also including things they’ve done in the past or things they may only have moderate exposure to.


Here’s what the first page of my résumé looks like now: